When we have everything at our fingertips….why not go exploring?  :) Places featured in Video: Queenstown Hamilton River walk Karakariki Track, Waikato The Big Apple Cafe, Otorohanga Bell Block Beach, New Plymouth Pukekura Park, New Plymouth Ruakura Berry Farm, Hamilton Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton McLaren Falls, Tauranga Mount Maunganui Summit Papamoa […]

Never Stop Exploring ✨💛 ☮ Vlog

January!  As explained in my New Moon in Aquarius post a few days ago – January is like a ‘getting your shit together month’.  After the silly season/New Years and holiday time, we get to the end of this month and feel that….we really, really like holiday mode…and we want […]

How I Got On The Tarot Train ☮ Blog

➰New moon in Aquarius coming up on the 27th/28th January leads us into a great time of thinking about how we could view things differently and opening our eyes to something bigger 😳😮😃January is a bit of a ‘get your shit together’ month 💩 – we’ve just been in festivity […]

New Moon in Aquarius – January 2017 ☮ Astrology

Travelling is something that everyone should take the time out to do often – and by travelling I mean it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling around to the other end of the earth or if you’re travelling to the next city over – it doesn’t matter, it’s what you […]

Travel Like A (Sort-Of) Gypsy ☮ Blog

Thank you for looking x Please click link or picture to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEFwDvf9_-M Please follow and like, thanking you! ☮

World Wandering – Bye! ☮ Vlog

➰Full Moon in Capricorn tonight! 🌝♑️ The theme of Capricorn is that it teaches us to live by self-discipline and responsibility, practicing patience and perseverance. This is a reminder to us to keep going, over the previous month you may have felt times of frustration where it seems like nothing […]

July Full Moon In Capricorn ☮ Astrology

There was a biiig full moon in Sagittarius last night, and also a Blue Moon! So…’once in a blue moon’ kinda things could be happening!  Around the time of full moons is when we will start to see what we have been manifesting into our lives. Sagittarius is all about […]

May Full Moon In Sagittarius ☮ Astrology

A little video I put together of 3 lovely models in their photo shoots, thank for watching x Please click here for all photo shoot details Peace/love,   Please follow and like, thanking you! ☮

Finding Daisy Photo Shoots ☮ Vlog

For about the last 5 days my body has just felt broken as – very tired and annoyingly achy.    I went to yoga on Tuesday morning and while I’ve felt like I’ve been killin’ it in class lately (don’t mean to brag but i’m pretty much an expert at replicating being […]

7 Days Of Savasana ☮ Blog

Mercury goes Retrograde today! Yay!  Or oh sheeeit!  I’m not sure…. you be the judge!  This 3 week period has the potential to go either way….it can sometimes be a nice shift of changes or it can have you going crazy loco – either way…growth is guaranteed :D From 28th […]

Mercury Does It’s Retrograde Thang Today ☮ Astrology